About Us

GA Findings Company Limited (GA) is a leading supplier of gold and silver jewelry findings in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Turkey and Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRICs) & throughout Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam (Emerging Asia). Our constantly growing collection includes beads, clasps, chains, earrings, and miscellaneous jewelry findings. At GA, we are dedicated to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices, timely delivery, and personal service.

GA takes pride in our excellent craftsmanship, strict quality control and advanced production technology. Unlike many jewelry findings manufacturers, we make all of our findings from scratch. In other words, we make our own wire and sheet from precious metal ingots. This enables us to have full control of the quality as well as the production time of our products. In addition to investing in new equipments, our engineers strive to develop innovative production process in order to provide jewelry findings of the highest quality which our customers deserve.

In the future, we will continue to introduce new findings to satisfy the needs of different customers. Please feel free to contact our experienced sales team if you need further assistance.